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It’s More Fun in Boracay

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Rootless Lily

Most countries have a tourism slogan. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to accomplish but they range from things like Jamaica’s “Get All Right” to South Korea’s “Be Inspired.” I generally don’t hear or see anything about a country’s slogan outside of a sign or two at the airport. The Philippines, however, gets really into their travel slogan. Everywhere I go, I’ve seen reminders of it. Wifi passwords. T-Shirts. Beach vendors shouting it.

“It’s more fun in the Philippines.”

And it is. Or at least, it is in Boracay. The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands and I’m sure they’re very different from Boracay. I’m hardly an expert on the Philippines but Boracay is the perfect place to go for a tropical vacation. I think it may win my “dream island” award! Sorry, Gili T.

Life in Boracay focuses around White Beach, a long stretch of perfectly white…

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Wonders Catcher

Gamcheon Village was established by refugees from the Korean war back in the fifties, resulting in a very run down area until it was transformed into an arts and culture village in 2010.

  • Address: Gamcheon Culture Village, 10-13 Gamcheon-2-dong (감천2동 ), Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea
    • by subway – Line 1, Toseong Station (Exit 6), then take the local bus 2 or 2-2 in front of the Cancer Center Hospital and stop at Gamcheon Elementary School (감천초등학교)
  • Admission fees: none

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Making Due With Three Wheels

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Still Times - Capturing Glimpses of Times With Words & Photographs

We’ve seen some pretty amazing things with some of the locals and what they can do with 2 and 3 wheels. Whether out of necessity or determination, the locals haul anything or anyone. Look at these amazing and wonderful people, they make do with what they have to move mountains (not literally).

I’ve seen a young man texting while on a scooter in local traffic, a family of 4 on one scooter, up to 8 people on a 3 wheel cart, and a man riding his scooter while he walked 5 dogs. I can only tell you about these times as I was too dumb founded to hurry up and snap a shot.

Life here is so interesting and wonderful! Please enjoy the photo’s.

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Narawntapu National Park

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Fifty Toes Walkabout

Narawntapu National Park hadn’t been on our radar but when Hannah rejected our camp in the middle of the river at garden island near Clarence, after we had set up camp I may add, but we stumbled upon it as we headed towards Devonport, with only a few days left before we leave Tasmania.


Dubbed the Serengeti of Tasmania it comes as no surprise to see vast expanses of short grassland, but instead of wilderbeest, lions, and elephants, this national park is full of marsupials. Forresters Kangaroos, Bennetts Wallabies, Pademelons, Bettongs and Potoroos all can be found here. I still can’t work out which is which but the ranger told us the rule of thumb was whether they are knee or waist high, and bigger or smaller than this, but there are so many joeys around too they are starting to all look the same. The wetlands are a haven for…

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