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We can’t beat the System

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Random Topics

The way the system is set up, we can’t win. It favours big transnational corporations and it separates the rich from the poor with the gap continuing to expand further apart.

“The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer”

Ever seen or heard of this quote from anywhere? Well I’m afraid to say that it is true. Most average working citizens don’t realise this because there is a chance of some of us becoming richer, but if you think how many of us actually make it? Not many.

* Half of the worlds wealth is now owned by just one percent of the worlds population.
* The wealth of the one percent richest people on earth amounts to over $110 trillion.. This is more than the bottom half of the populations wealth by over 65 times.
* 85 richest people on earth have more wealth than the bottom half of the population
* In the US, whilst the country was coming out of recession, the countries richest 1% captured 95 percent of the growth whilst the rest just got poorer.

These facts have been published by Forbes on their website. Reading these facts, I still don’t understand why the public are still content with how we are living and how we are being controlled by the system? Maybe it’s because some of us still have a chance, very slim chance of landing a great job and boosting our income to live comfortably.

Often the economic leaders, or the wealthiest people tend to avoid things such as avoiding tax by not paying tax in countries that they work and operate in. Rather they seek for political help elsewhere where they would pay less or no tax, this seems easy to do if you have a large amount of money. Often people say money means power, and I’m disappointed to say that it’s true.

Everything is manipulated so that it favours the rich. If we have an issue, what can we do? There’s really only two options, either protest or keep quiet. It’s not like we can speak to the Prime Minister or the President is it? But it’s funny how the richest of the rich are able to meet them so easily.. Probably could request a dinner with them. Bill Gates can definitely do this.

When we are controlled by greed and corruption it annoys me to the max, and I just can’t believe that we the people, the 99% can’t beat the 1% of the rich greedy and corrupt people who are causing these issues that is making our lives harder year by year.

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