Bring It On Shanghai! 18 Must-Do’s You Can’t Miss

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Jetset Times


Flickr Yuya Sekiguchi Shanghai

Photo: Flickr/Yuya Sekiguchi

Today’s Shanghai is a metropolitan comparable to the Big Apple of Asia, with skyscrapers towering over the waterfront, sophisticated travelers bustling in and out of the cosmopolitan city scene. There’s also the other Shanghai where toddlers sporadically take a leak on the corner of downtown where men in designer suits are commuting to work. It’s a city of extremes in which dichotomy oddly coexists better than mountains and water.

Since the Song Dynasty, Shanghai has claimed its status as a powerful player with the spurt of growth that leaves the rest of the world gazing in awe particularly in recent decades. Although old Shanghai glamour from the 1920s has been replaced by contemporary aspirations of the new, Shanghai thrives as a city of Asia’s now.

For travelers, Shanghai is the ideal destination for city lovers as it offers delectable street food alongside world-renowned gastronomy. The…

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