First date selfies? Our narcissism is officially out of control

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


How romantic – let’s document that time I went on a date with that guy I never saw again because his breath smelled of eggs (Picture: Chad Springer)

Just when we thought we couldn’t get more self-obsessed or narcissistic as a society, along comes the ‘first date selfie’.

But what kind of mentalists would want to take pictures to remember their first dates by, I hear you ask? These ones.

Soon we’re going to forget how to remember things organically – we’ll have to consult albums of selfies to recall our most precious moments.

On the plus side our exhaustive tomes of dated and captioned photographs will give us cast-iron alibis if we’re ever suspected of a crime.

‘You must be mistaken officer, I was at Starbucks making wry comments about capitalism while I sucked from its very teat – see?’

Unfortunately we’re all guilty of selfie narcissism.

Why take a picture of a beautiful building…

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