Pass the Salt and Pepper

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Torsade Literary Space


Pass the Salt and Pepper

Marry schemes

Fork one from the jar and plop it

On whipped topping made from coffee creamer

Doing double duty with a small household economy

Sufficiently ingenious to overcome the cheesiness

A thing to talk about

And while you’re at it pointing out

Nothing is new here


You may roll down the hill

Practical jokes at the dinner table

Might result in passing the salt and pepper

But practical psychology is more a study

Than a science

So how can you put it to the test

Your little pom pom hat

So festively striped in turquoise and yellow neon

Spotted above the avalanche

Out of whack

That’s what they call

The snowball effect

If they dig you up

You might explain it with a story

Copyright 2014 Stephanie Foster

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