Why do we expect so little from our food? (Part 1)

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Out of Place and Time

North America has a long, long, love story with junk food, but it goes beyond junk. Many of the foods available to us are of surprisingly poor quality, full of preservatives, and with not an ounce of integrity. However, this post is not about food empowerment or about the evils of large industries. I simply wish to highlight the fact that we, as a culture, expect and accept the worst. Do I care if you, the individual currently reading this, enjoys an occasional burger from a big chain or has an infatuation with Twinkies? Nope. Personally, I really like Butterfingers, but that does not define me or my diet.

Think of a place that you associate with bad food, with a plethora of disgusting, old, tasteless crap. It’s a place we all visit out of necessity when travelling and where we often find ourselves buying such food, despite our better…

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