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Justine Agana

March / April 2014

India. Crazy huh? Every time i bring up my travel to India, i always get a lot of, ‘how, why, what, when questions. So here it is!


Why? It was my last year of high school and it was time to set a course for my future. I always thought i’d do nursing although I never knew for sure if it was something I really wanted to do. Call it a bit dramatic for travelling all the way to India to find out but that’s what I did. no regrets
projects abroad How?  
I was initially searching up for schools abroad and one of the schools I was looking at was ASU which required SAT scores for admission. Living in Canada we aren’t required to take SATs for uni. So like most people, they research what they don’t know and I came upon Princeton Review. They had a…

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