Ancient Sukhothai in photographs

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

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First and foremost, apologies for this being a day late! Staff Christmas party, you know how it is. Yesterday was a struggle to say the least!

Anyway down to business, today’s post is a collection of my photographs from our bike ride around the Sukhothai ruins in, you guessed it, Sukhothai, Thailand. Sukhothai itself wasn’t the most amazing place we visited in Thailand, but the day we went to see the ruins was a really special day on our trip. Such good fun, it was searing hot, we cycled for so many hours, it was great!

Most hotels will be able to arrange transport to the ruins as many run tours, or you can just ask them to call you a taxi. My friend and I got a ride to the ruins, and the lovely gent pointed us in the direction of the bike rental. IT WAS 50P TO RENT…

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