Welcome to Patagonia

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Reisende Schildkröten

I was fascinated by Buenos Aires but arriving in the Patagonia was totally a shock!
The views are just breathtaking! something totally new, exotic and beautiful, nothing that you can see in Europe.

 "Welcome to Patagonia amigos!"
 "EL Calafate is named after these bushes around me"

We arranged a tour through the Perito Moreno glacier from our hostel in El Calafate, that would take us the entire next day.

In Patagonia the terrains are commonly divided by “Estancias”, some kind of ranches, but these are really enormous amounts of terrains (since we left El Calafate until 1 hour later, it came out that it all belonged to the same owner).
One of the estancias that we passed by was Estancia Anita. In the year 1921 workers and peasants were killed in cold blood by soldiers from Buenos Aires for going on strike. Their demands were as simple as 100 pesos…

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