Marrakech Diaries: Part Two – An Explosion Of Colour

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized



I’ve been abit MIA on here recently but fret no more….Part Two of my Marrakech Travel Diaries is finally here!

Marrakech has always been on my wish list of places to visit and I was lucky enough to see what the beautiful city had to offer back in October.

Being a massive lover of markets, the souks was what I was most excited about seeing. I had heard alot about the main square, both good and bad but was eager to experience it for myself.

photo 2 (1)photo 5

I was taken aback as soon as I entered the square and immediately fell in love with all the colours, the atmosphere and the tiny cave like shops.

It was amazing to see the locals in Marrakech walking side by side alongside the tourists. This world-famous square was not a standard tourist attraction, but a place where the locals came to do their weekly shop…

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