It’s better in the Bahamas!

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Land of the Silver Birch


Two years ago my sister and I took a vacation together, leaving our husbands and kids at home. We were in the midst of a lot of stress and decided to get away and our wonderful spouses supported this adventure.  We went to Curacao for a week and had a great time reconnecting and enjoying the sun and sand.

Two years later we decided to do it again. This time there were no stress factors that we could use as a reason to get away, but we figured that being sisters was reason enough – and once again we had the support of our families.

Deb leaves it up to me to do the planning – which I love to do.  People often ask me how I decide where I go when I travel.  There are criteria that definitely play a factor but it always depends on who I am travelling with…

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