Whatever, Tesla, this guy just invented a real flying car

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized


Mark this day in your calendar, for today is the day that you learned that the flying car — humanity’s second noblest pursuit* — is coming soon! Possibly! Again!

Bloomberg reports that 37-year-old inventor Carl Dietrich has already driven and flown prototypes of his Terrafugia Transition, and now the only thing standing in his way is approval by both the FAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yup, just two federal bureaucracies between Dietrich and his dreams. And maybe a few other issues, according to Bloomberg:

Critics say flying cars are unlikely to be both great airplanes and great automobiles. But that misses the point, says Dietrich, who explains the Transition is intended to expand the definition of an airplane, solving a number of persistent problems in the process.

First and foremost is that small planes are virtually useless in inclement weather. If a storm rolls in while you’re flying…

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