What it means to be a backpacker

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Around the World in 80 Blogs

Wanted to share some of my musings about backpacker life that I previously posted on Facebook…

Habits a backpacker develops:
– never unpack or put anything in draws for fear of leaving it behind
– overeat at any free meal (even if its something you don’t like) because hey, it’s free
– when you realise you have no clean underwear its ok, there are still bikini bottoms!
– redefine whether clothes are clean based on whether they have stains or in some cases (mentioning no names) vomit on them. A faint odour of sweat? That’s fine, its still clean
– who needs perfume when you can wear eau de mosquito spray instead
– a clean towel on your bed at the hostel is the best thing ever!
– your thanksgiving toast involves being thankful that you weren’t mugged in San Salvador
– lonely planet becomes your bible…weathered and tatty, sometimes…

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