week 1 workout roundup

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Whitney Calls

I have to do at least one thing every day to prepare my body for the JMT, even if its a get-slammed-into-by-an-SUV kind of day. This was a weak weak intensity-wise, but at least I got out every day except the stormy one.

Sunday: Knee Strength Routine

Monday: 3 mile walk in Beverlywood plus knee routine
Running shoes, no pack. Nothing beats the lovely after-rain air.

Tuesday: Stair Climbs (3 x 10 reps)

Wednesday: 5 mile walk in Beverlywood
Running shoes, no pack. Joyous cleansing rain, but felt twinges in the right knee and left shin.

Thursday: 2 mile walk in Palos Verdes
Testing out new trainers, no pack. Meant to do a longer trip, but plans came up

Friday: 3 mile neighborhood walk as an emergency panic-breaker.
New Brooks shoes, no pack. Spent lots of it on the phone, just generally a bad scene, but I got out of the house and stayed safe, so hurrah for…

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