To Drink or Not to Drink on a Surf or Backpacking Trip

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

BlewCrush Travels

It is a norm within strangers who travel together to have drinks for a night of bonding and friendship building. All throughout my surf trips and backpack trips, I have spent sleepless land trips on the way to the destination, with some distance trekked with my heavy backpack on and in the scorching heat. Taking a nap sometimes becomes impossible to do in a tent when the heat gets trapped inside.

At night, when you become exhausted from the sleepless journey, the snorkelling and swimming or trek-explorations, comes a peer pressure that’s hard to refuse. When you travel or surf with people you don’t know and want to make new friends, but are in a diet that could even be a medical advice for a health condition you are dealing with, your mind starts to become runny with two choices. “Should I drink or not?” You might be facing blood…

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