Ninh Bihn – Vietnam – November 2014

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Miles away from home


Ninh Bihn is about 90km south of Hanoi and home to some beautiful landscape.  I know that we could have gotten there for less than what we paid but the convenience of being picked up directly at our hotel was just too appealing.  By the time we pay for a taxi from our hotel in the Old Quarter Hanoi to the bus station and buy a bus ticket, we would pay around $7 each.  Instead we got the tourist bus that would take us to the same place for $10 each. 

The bus of course was late.  Busses don’t seem to be very punctual here, probably because they try to navigate down narrow city streets with traffic running in both directions.  Then they try to do that in record time.  Once we were picked up (15-20 minutes late) we spent another 15 minutes picking up the rest of the passengers. 

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