Hiking across Norway

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

mikkel soya

This summer, my family and I hiked across Southern Norway from east to west. So what is it like to hike across Norway, you may ask?

I can tell you this: Hiking across Norway

is relaxing in the late evening sun next to a field the first day of the trip

hiking into hidden valleys without tracks

2014.06.25–07.15 Norge på tvers til fots Porsgrunn–Lysebotn0125

meeting local sweethearts

jumping for joy

embracing the moment (when the wind removes the midges for a few minutes)

drinking pure water

disappearing into the fog

counting midges on the tent fly

enjoying a brief moment of trout bonanza

hiking long forest roads

styling a natural hairdo

walking late into the evening

finding memorable camp sites

descending into the clouds

reaching the Lysefjord.

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