From America to Brazil and Back Again…

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Bethany has a great story like most of the International House members. Her parents are both American: Her father is from Florida and her mother is from Alabama. However, Bethany and her siblings lived more of their lives in Brazil. Having lived in Brazil for 15 years and being fluent in Portuguese, Bethany claims this to be her native country.

Beth came back to America for college, where she and I met at the International House. I talked to her a little bit about her experiences and the culture. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What was some of the favorite aspects of the Brazilian culture?

A: They are super friendly and inviting. Unless it’s a formal setting, you are always greeted with a hugh and a kiss on the cheek; in some places in Brazil it’s two kisses. Overall, it was just a very warm environment.

Q: Was…

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