Dear Commenters On ALL Online Articles

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

All My Roads

Below are the rules I propose for decency and civility in online commenting. Take them or leave them, but I think the world would be about 10 billion times better if these were observed:

1) If you call someone anything under the broad label of cretin-ishness, you yourself are now a cretin.

2) The expression “lol” automatically nullifies any points you have previously made that would have otherwise been considered. More than one utilization of this expression per comment and your account shall be blocked.

3) One exclamation point accomplishes the task at hand, two or more is excessive and unnecessary.

4) Any username that includes the words “death”, “metal”, “America”, “freedom” or “Justin” and/or “Beiber” automatically ranks you high on the list of suspect/benign absurdity.

5) Proper nouns should be capitalized and punctuation marks, contrary to popular opinion, ought to utilized.

6) Everyone stopped caring after the first paragraph of…

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