Caged Muay Thai Legend, John Wayne Parr Giving Fight Fans A Hybrid Combat Sports Promotion

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sparx Entertainment

stralian Muay Thai legend, John Wayne Parr, has long been a fan of MMA and the UFC. And he came up with a brilliant and super-violent way to marry the two together: Caged Muay Thai. The ten-time world champion’s Caged Muay Thai promotion takes all the stand up action from Muay Thai, puts the fighters in a cage with four-ounce MMA gloves and eliminates any action on the ground. It’s a carnage-seeking fight fan’s dream. Skilled stand-up technicians with smaller gloves to ensure more action and a high volume of knockouts.

Parr, 38, calls it the “perfect scenario,” and said he originally got the idea while training in grappling, during the time he was “contemplating” competing in MMA and trying out for the The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Australia vs. Canada television series. He ended up snapping one of his fingers in half while rolling and in a time of frustration…

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