Being my own person

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


Me, I’m a 5ft 7, 17 year old, silver eyed, dark brown haired adolescent. My arms and body are laden with scars from burns and self harm that have ultimately lead me to discover myself. But aside from that, one boy lead me deeper into my soul. He helped me to discover that underneath all the layers of a hardened heart and a blackened soul, there was a girl crying out to be loved. She was scared and lonely, she didn’t want to know the world, not because she hated them but because she couldn’t cope- people stared at her and outcast her, they commented on her weight and appearance, and to her it seemed like they wanted her six feet under. They tormented her and suppressed her to the point where she thought it all just wasn’t worth it anymore.
But now I’ll bear the scars on my arms…

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